How to Celebrate National Nonprofit Day

On August 17, the United States celebrates National Nonprofit Day to recognize the impact of the social sector and highlight the importance of charitable organizations across the country.

The first step is to start early and plan to make the most out of National Nonprofit Day. 

Here are the top tips to make the most of National Nonprofit Day.

Create an impactful crowdfunding campaign with persuasive impact blocks.

Crowdfunding platforms offer nonprofits a powerful way to share their stories, rally supporters, and fund their programmatic initiatives.

Rather than merely informing supporters of the significance of their campaign, it may be beneficial to create a more engaging and immersive experience for them. One effective way of achieving this is through the use of impact blocks. These blocks provide supporters with a clear understanding of where their donations go, who benefits from them, and the tangible accomplishments that result from their contributions. By doing so, impact blocks can help foster a stronger connection between supporters and the campaign, ultimately leading to increased engagement and investment.

Highlight the impact of your donations by sharing concise beneficiary stories or describing how each dollar amount can make a difference. Don’t underestimate the power of storytelling in motivating others to contribute to your cause.

Drive traffic to your social posts with #NationalNonprofitDay.

By utilizing a well-crafted hashtag on social media, you can generate momentum for your cause and significantly increase awareness while driving traffic to your cause. Don’t miss out on this powerful tool to make a lasting impact. campaign page. 

When it comes to hashtags, think engagement. Within the first 24 hours of posting, it’s crucial to draw in as much activity as possible for the best chance of expanding the reach to new followers.

High engagement signals to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that the post is quality, which means your content is pushed higher on supporters’ newsfeeds.

Craft a powerful caption with descriptive language, and consider asking donors to leave a comment with a few reasons why they support the organization. Include a link to the campaign page and #nationalnonprofitday, as well as any broader hashtags like #donate or #charity, to expand the reach and join the more extensive conversation. 

Thank donors with a personalized message.

National Nonprofit Day is a great opportunity to show appreciation to donors. Personalized communication creates a touchpoint that humanizes the organization and develops stronger donor relationships.

To help show major donors your appreciation, consider a handwritten “thank you” card, a unique gift, or a custom-designed appreciation wall for any major donors who have contributed substantially to your organization. Donors should be acknowledged for their time and effort.

Other ways of appreciating donors include but are not limited to;

  • Newsletters shoutouts
  • Thank you, videos
  • Social media posts
  • Share appreciation on websites
  • Custom swag

Promote in-person and virtual volunteer opportunities.

One can help by serving hot meals, providing water at a 5k, or assisting at a pet adoption event.

Promote these opportunities on the website, social media channels, and in the newsletter leading up to the day. Consider adding an online component to each in-person volunteer opportunity to expand their reach and connect with new audiences.

Regardless of what idea you land on, please make sure each volunteer feels valued and appreciated. Establishing that relationship could be enough to keep them coming back or motivate them to start supporting others in monetary ways.

Encourage donors to amplify their impact with a recurring gift.

A well-developed recurring giving program can protect the long-term health of an organization and help it scale. Leading up to National Nonprofit Day, study the donor base to identify a list of candidates for subscription giving, how to appeal to them, and how much to ask for.

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How to Celebrate National Nonprofit Day

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On August 17, the United States celebrates National Nonprofit Day to recognize the impact of the social sector and ...

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