5 Ways of Donor Appreciation: Gifts, Events & More

Recognizing donors is an excellent way of showing that their donations are meaningful and beneficial to your organization. It is also a way of thanking them for their support. This helps build a lasting relationship with them, and they will be supporting your organization for the longest time. You need to find ways to show donor recognition for any level of support. Here are five ways to appreciate donors supporting your organization.

Send Thank You Notes and Acknowledgement Letters

Every gift or donation to your organization should be recognized. The easiest way to do it is by sending thank you notes to donors immediately after each grant or support. Sending the thank you note via email is a better option, and you can even automate the process. Alternatively, you can send a handwritten note. You can also send acknowledgment letters, saying that you have received the support and explaining how the donation will benefit your organization. The letter should also thank the donors for their support.

Choose Meaningful Donor Appreciation Gifts

It is always advisable to surprise nonprofit supporters of your organization with donor appreciation gifts. You can buy customized gifts for them. For instance, you buy them branded mugs, nice journal paired with a pretty pen, leather goods, photo book showing the impact of your donor’s contributions, high-quality scarves, or more. Researching more about their personal life to know what can make them smile is advisable.

Design a Donor Recognition Wall, Plaques, or Monument

A donor recognition wall is a permanent proof that acknowledges supporters of your organizations. The wall should have your organization logos, colors, donors’ names and titles, a timeframe of the gift, and preferably mention the gift/support offered by the donor. You should work with an experienced donor wall designer to ensure you have an impactful donor recognition wall that makes donors feel appreciated.

Alternatively, to can design donor recognition plaques that can be installed on walls, benches, or other spaces within or outside your organization. Donors will be happy to see plaques with their names and titles. You can also build a monument to recognize your donors if you have enough space and money. The monument will improve your landscape while honoring your organization donors.

Hold Donor Appreciation Events

After an eventful year or successful projects, it is essential to hold donor appreciation events. The events aim at recognizing donors who have been supporting your organization. You should plan the event, invited all donors, no matter what they contributed. Thank, appreciate and give them valuable donor appreciation gifts as a sign of gratitude during the events.

Share Appreciation Video

Creating an appreciation video and sharing it with the donor and the world is an exciting way to appreciate nonprofit supporters of your organization. The video should highlight the work of the donations or grants and how it has changed people’s lives. The donors will be pleased to see the work of their gifts, and will probably give more to support the ongoing works.


Recognizing donors supporting your organization is essential. It helps to establish long-lasting professional relationships with the donors, and they will keep supporting your organization for the longest time possible. Use the above tips to recognize your nonprofit supporters, and they will feel appreciated.

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