5 Memorial Plaques Wording Ideas for Loved Ones and Donors

The loss of a loved one or an influential community member is never easy. You need time to grieve and plan for a memorial service to honor the death of an accomplished and valuable person in your life. You can say much about the person, but a commemorative plaque will ensure you memorize the loved one uniquely. The most challenging thing is to choose the words in their memorial plaques, whether to put them in a grave or other areas in honor of the deceased. Here are memorial plaques wording ideas to consider.

A Meaningful Opening Matters a Lot

Many people will glance at the plaque. If the plaque doesn’t have a perfect and meaningful opening, most viewers will not get its message in seconds. The memorial plaque should have popular meaningful openings like In Memory of, In loving Memory, In Honor of, A Life Well Lived, among others. The phrases, followed by the full name of the person honored, capture passersby’s attention, making them read the plaque to learn more.

Include Their Life Span 

Including the date they were born and when they died is vital. It helps people understand and reflect on the deeds of the persons honored. It also gives the living a challenge to live a happy life and do something in this world to make it a better place or change the lives of others. Consider keeping it simple like October 10, 1959 – May 12, 2019, or write in full, Born: October 10, 1959, and died May 12, 2019.

Find Inspiration and Include a Quote 

There are many inspirations you can consider adding to memorial plaques for donors or loved ones. You can be inspired by a song or poem they liked. You can also get inspiration from a movie, a famous quote they used, or a religious verse summarizing their life. Adding a quote is one of the unique memorial plaques wording ideas that can inspire people to work harder or even change their thinking or perceptions about life. Here are some quotes about giving to others that you can use for inspiration.

Include Reason for the Plaque

If you are honoring a donor or accomplished member of the community, it is essential to mention why the plaque was installed. This ensures that the plaque tells a brief story of the person honored and preserves their memory. In addition, it helps people who read to reflect on their lives and the contributions they make to society.

Keep the Design Simple

You may want your design to be attractive, but keeping it simple is the best idea. People should not struggle to read the words on the plaque. Keep the font and typo as simple as possible to ensure that the memorial plaque text is legible at a glance. You may be tempted to go for trendy and fancy designs, but let the words remain the focus. Also choose the material carefully as it can impact the lifetime and maintenance of the plaque. Learn here what is the best material for memorial plaques.


Commemorating loved ones or donors with memorial plaques is the best way to honor and celebrate them. The above memorial plaques wording ideas will help you find meaningful words to write on their plaques, whether installed at the grave or any other place.









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