Unique Fundraising Ideas You Can Use For Your Organization

unique fundraising ideas

You may be a fundraising professional looking to raise money for a local church or nonprofit. You might also be a business owner interested in supporting a charitable cause. Regardless of your involvement, fundraising is essential to everyone. Getting the most out of your fundraising efforts is always a challenge, especially when engaging your supporters. Having the right fundraising ideas can help boost the excitement of your supporters and raise more donations. 

Cookie Dough Fundraiser 

A fundraising cookie dough event can help your organization raise 80% profit. These activities are prevalent and provide an excellent opportunity for people to support your organization. Although everyone loves a fresh-baked cookie, there are additionally those who only have a limited amount of time to make their own. That’s why supporters often purchase pre-made cookie dough. Various flavors are great for every taste. 

To get started, start by organizing a cookie dough fundraising event. You can begin by taking orders online or in person, and you should also have a plan to distribute the dough once it’s delivered. Another great way to make this event even more fun is to host a baking party at a local church or school. This activity can help you interact with your supporters and raise money for your organization. 

Autographed Memorabilia Auction 

Most fans love to collect various types of memorabilia, such as movie scripts, clothes, and music memorabilia. They can also auction off these items to their supporters. With the help of your team, you can secure donated items such as movie scripts, guitars, and even signed clothes from famous individuals. 

You can easily organize an auction by posting the items on social media and in your newsletter. You can also host a virtual auction or an in-person auction. One Cause, a leading online auction software provider, can help you set up the bidding process. Your organization will receive donations, and the highest bids will go to the winning bidders. 

Donor Recognition Wall 

A donor recognition wall is vital to an organization’s operations, as it allows individuals and institutions to acknowledge their contributions. Eleven Fifty-Seven has partnered with prominent architects to create custom walls designed to inspire and motivate individuals and organizations. To celebrate the unveiling of your wall, invite guests to enjoy refreshments and an evening of fun. 

Progressive Dinner Fundraiser 

A progressive dinner is a great way to introduce your supporters to a new area and provide them with an opportunity to experience a different type of dinner. During this event, you’ll be able to enjoy different kinds of food at various locations. You can also partner with local restaurants and catering companies to provide a variety of dishes. 

To create a fun twist on this fundraising event, set up multiple locations for the course and have your volunteers draw numbers from a hat. It will allow them to win a Greek salad or a main Mexican dish. You can also sell tickets to the event and encourage your supporters to continue giving throughout the night.

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