Detroit Riverfront Donor Recognition Program



We’ve made this process effortless and accessible to everyone regardless of location, budget or project size. We want you to see what’s possible before you spend any money. View our service options below to either shop our product catalog for budget options or contact us for a custom design.

Moderna - Donor Plaques


Donor plaques are smaller than donor walls and are designed to host limited information. When you have less details to display, or you’re working with a smaller budget, donor plaques allow you to show your recognition in a unique way that doesn’t distract from the thought.


Donor walls are complex projects that display a lot of information, and are a grand show of appreciation. Our standard donor walls can be designed with our modular insert system to make switching names in and out quick and easy. Donor walls can be custom designed for your unique space whether you’re working with a small or large area, so you get exactly what you need.


Sometimes it makes sense to go deeper with your donor experience. Interactive donor walls bring your project into the digital realm with HD touch screens, and professional digital development. These walls let your contributors get involved with the recognition process, and can be combined with standard donor plaques or donor walls to round out your project.


Donor Signs offers a variety of customizable options for smaller organizations and those on a budget. By Shopping our online section, you can keep it affordable and still make your patrons feel appreciated for their generosity.

If you’re looking to give your supporters a more engaging experience, consider an interactive donor wall. These digital walls use profound touchscreen technology, that draws viewers in and let’s them take an active role in the recognition process.

For organizations with larger budgets who want completely unique recognition, let us design for you. Donor Signs has skilled experts in design, planning, and fabrication, and we can build virtually anything you can imagine. Take a look at our previous work to get inspiration and creative donor wall ideas.

For those who need to switch out information frequently, Donor Signs offers modular insert systems. Our simple inserts make it fast and affordable to replace names, titles, and other essential components of your donor wall without extra hassle.

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