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These donor walls recognition displays can be small or big and grow organically as you acquire more donors. It can expand up, down and to either side.

Payment & Approval Required For Fabrication.

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    This modular wood donor wall includes a variety of hardwood plaques at different sizes, depths, and species to create a fluid, modular wood donor wall that can grow as you accumulate donors. These plaques are also used as individual plaques around your facility/organization.

    Modular Wood Donor Wall Production & Design

    Design fee starts at $120 and will increase depending on the amount of names and blokes needed. Our designers will take the amount of donor names and giving levels your campaign has to create a design layout. We’ll provide an initial layout based on the number of donors you have in each giving category. From there we can make revisions to create your organizations perfect donor wall. Once, you approve the design we will send an invoice with the final layout.


    Installation is generally on a blank flat wall. We’ll provide full instructions. This is an easy DIY type project. You may use the following techniques:

    1. For a permanent installation in which the blocks will never move, we will provide very high quality bond (VHB Tape) double sided tape on the backs of the blocks. The blocks can be removed but the wall will be damaged.

    2. For a moveable installation we can use 3M Command Strips, which allows clean removal. Blocks can be reinstalled in another location with fresh Command Strips. We cannot guarantee that 3M Command Strips will not damage a wall, nor can we state how long they will last.

    3. We can apply Velcro dots on the back of the blocks which will allow the blocks to be changed. If you are removing the block and not replacing it you’ll have to remove the Velcro dot from the wall. This may cause some damage to the wall (Velcro dots are 3/4″ diameter).


    We ship our products through UPS Ground, and can take 2-4 days to arrive.

    1. Fill out the form to receive a free design layout of your plaque.
    2. Our designers will take 1-2 days to customize your plaque with your fonts, logos, etc. No payment is needed at this time.
    3. Fabrication of your plaque(s) starts on your signed approval and payment; typically will take 2-4 weeks. Rush orders can be done.
    4. We use UPS and Fedex ground shipping, typically reaching your location in 2-4 days.

    Design layouts starts at $120 for up to ten names.

    Individual BlokkesSizePrice
     Wenge3″ x 12″$93
     Cherry2″ x 12″$85
     Hard Maple6″ x 6″$87
     Mayan Walnut3″ x 6″$85
     Metal6″ x 9″$63