Pacific Surf

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Discount: 2-5 plaques are 5% off, 6-15 are 10% off and 16 + are 15% off.

Our Pacific Surf design creates a playful contrast between the sophistication of the etched metal dono plaque and the more casual acrylic background.

Small 8” x 8” $325
Medium 10” x 10” $455
Large 12” x 12” $510


The back piece of this plaque is a 3/8″ thick blue tinted acrylic with a 3-dimensional wave pattern. Over the acrylic is a 1/8″ thick solid metal plate with deep etched and paint filled letters. The metal plate has a welded return on the left side creating a nicely detailed finished look. Metal comes in silver or brass tones. Also check out our Cape May donor plaque for a more affordable option to this elegant and classic plaque design.


Skill Level: Moderate

The installation method for this plaque is stud mount. Along with your plaque you will receive a set of studs, a tube of silicone, and a drilling template. All hardware and instructions are included in each package.

Tools Needed: Drill and a Level

How it Works

Our designers will take your information to create a design layout. From there we can revise to create the perfect plaque.

1. Fill out the form on the bottom of the page to receive a free design layout. Include as much information as possible for the most accurate design. Attachments can be included.

2. Our designers will take 1-2 days to customize your plaque with your fonts, logos, etc.

3. Request a revision or approve the design to start production. An invoice with payment options will be sent prior to fabrication.

4. Fabrication starts upon approval and payment. The typical production time for a plaque is 2 weeks. We use UPS ground shipping, typically reaching your in location 2-4 days.

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Discount: 2-5 plaques are 5% off, 6-15 are 10% off and 16 + are 15% off.

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