Is An Interactive Digital Donor Wall Right For Your Organization?


We provide complete touchscreen interactive wall solutions, as well as, non-interactive digital walls. The interactive donor recognition display can be integrated into a traditional donor wall, a stand-alone unit, or installed in one of our high-quality kiosks. We provide installation, on-site training, warranties, on-going maintenance and we can set up 24/7 remote access for all of our video donor walls to make larger scale updates and changes. We walk you through the complexities of interactive wall design & leave you with a state of the art digital donor wall. You can view some of our many donor wall examples that we’ve done in the past.

Our Process:


We begin with a thorough discovery process so we can learn everything about your organization. We’ll work with you to determine the content thats most relevant to the message you want to express. And we’ll plan how donors are recognized in the program.


We’ll design the digital interface, the site navigation, the cabinet that holds the monitor(s), and any physical recognition. Design is a collaborative process that requires your input. We’ll work together and provide
revisions as necessary to create a concept that you love. Check out our custom design services page to learn more.


Once the design is set we’ll begin programming, animation, uploading content, and fabrication of all the physical components. We will go through a thorough testing process to make sure everything works as planned. We will carefully plan the installation so that our work on-site has minimal impact on your operations.


All our systems are designed with a robust easy to manage back-end system that allows you to enter donor names and content at will which can prevent and minimize maintenance costs. Easy updating by your staff or use our on-going maintenance and updating services.

Every interactive wall program is customized with your organization’s architectural vision in mind to create an aesthetically pleasing, and totally natural experience for your patrons.

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