How to Choose the Best Donor Recognition Vendor

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With over 30 years working in donor recognition, we have the edge on experience from every angle. Trying to find a vendor for donor recognition is often overlooked until the last minute. Donor recognition can seem easy but has multiple, often unforeseen, complications. That is why choosing the right vendor is critical. Part one will cover who to avoid when choosing a vendor.

What to Avoid in a Vendor

Avoid sign companies with large shop operations. While this may seem like an advantage, these companies limit themselves by only designing signage that they are capable of producing in their shop.

Also, avoid local sign shops and trophy companies. These firms are usually the least expensive. However, they are not set up to provide the level of quality, durability and craftsmanship to properly honor your donors.  Sign shops do not have the design skills that will make your project special.

Avoid architects and interior design firms. Usually these companies view donor recognition as an after thought. Most don’t have the experience to do donor recognition properly. Which often leads to expensive and unusable donor walls. “Dead” donor walls don’t allow room to grow, are too costly to update, and are too costly to maintain. We’ve replaced many dead donor walls. Be sure to look for our upcoming blog entry on this subject.

What to look for in a Vendor

The best types of firms are environmental graphic designers. Design firms that have experience often work with a variety of craftsman and artisans to achieve a unique, appropriate, high quality, and affordable solution.

You can also consider companies that specialize in donor wall design and fabrication. Some of these are highly competent while others may have a weak design staff or are more interested in designing something that they can build in-house rather than designing to suit your needs.

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