How to Attract New Donors

Non-profits mainly rely on donors to give them the money they need to remain operational and volunteers who believe in what they are doing and complete various responsibilities. It is crucial for non-profits to attract new donors to remain operational over time, which is a complex and challenging task. Below, we will discuss the various ways you can attract new donors while retaining the ones you already have.

Target the right people

In this instance, consider using donor personas to learn more about them. First, you need to make sure you understand the donor base currently available and what type of donors you want to find. You need to identify people and corporations that will most likely support your non-profit. Collect information about the donors, including their age, business background, matrimonial status, number of kids and the difficulties they encounter when engaging in non-profit activities. With this information, you can identify the right donors to approach.

Involve donors and appreciate them

You should not perceive your donors as financial contributors only. Passionate donors will always be active in your organization. In this instance, you should be keen on highlighting how you use their donations to better other people and communities. You can do this via social media or through newsletters. You should also consider sending them notes of appreciation every year. For instance, after they donate, you can immediately send them a thank you note. They will feel appreciated and, in turn, invite their friends, colleagues or family members to contribute to your organization as well. Another way to acknowledge your donors which can help you attract new donors is recognizing them with a donor wall.

Reach more people

You can achieve this by creating social media platforms and paying for ads on these platforms. This gives you access to thousands of people who are interested in making donations. Networking is also a great way of attracting new donors. To network, make sure you attend local events or sponsor local teams. Connect with people from these events, as some of them may become your donors in the future.

Reward recommendations

Your current supporters are a great way to let people know about your non-profit. You should incentivize these supporters as this will encourage them to amplify your work. For instance, you can offer rewards to the volunteer who brings many donors after a specified period. You can also encourage your donors to post your work on their social media pages using a specific hashtag. Ask them to post about your current, previous and future projects, as this will give more information about your organization to their followers. You can then host a party to appreciate the donors that participated.

Host events

When hosting donor events, ensure you understand the interests of your target audience. Avoid hosting expensive events unless you are catering to the needs of wealthy donors. You can host a carnival, for instance, as it will produce a better attendance and convert some of the members into long-term donors of your organization.

By following all the above techniques, you will be able to retain your donors because they know their efforts are appreciated. You will also be able to attract new donors who will support your work in the long run.

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