Anton Art Center Glass Donor Recognition Wall

This community art center has a two story glass donor recognition wall vestibule facing downtown. We decided to use cascading sheets of tinted and textured glass to create a prominent piece of art for the center and the community. The outside surface has a series of sand blasted circle shapes with a translucent tint. The inside surface has etched and paint filled donor names. Strategically placed lighting illuminates the colored glass at night making the wall visible from several blocks away. We also designed and fabricated a series of glass donor plaques that match the donor wall.

Each project starts with a Concept Design Drawing of the donor walls and plaques at no cost. Along with design drawings, we’ll include material samples, provide costs and include a definitive plan for updating and adding new names. We will also provide a detailed schedule and a step-by-step process. All of our donor recognition programs are highly customized, designed to fit your specific requirements and tailored to work within your environment. See examples of our previous work to find ideas for your donor wall project.

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