Ways to Engaging Millennial Donors

Millennials, typically defined as the generation born between 1981 and 1996) are the future of U.S nonprofits.

As the largest living generation by population size, with approximately 72.1 million people in the U.S., Millennials are a diverse group of people who strongly support social good causes and who would deeply appreciate a beautiful, custom-designed sign for who they are and their beliefs.

Whether an individual seeks to connect with alumni donors or cultivate relationships with long-term supporters, the time to begin engaging Millennials is now. The following key points are the critical ways an individual needs to know about Millennial donors to connect with them effectively. Millennials tend to be: 

  1. Socially conscious
  2. Brand loyal
  3. Tech-savvy
  4. Socially driven
  5. Adventurous 

Millennials tend to be socially conscious

Along with their younger Gen Z counterparts, Millennials are the most ethnically and racially diverse population in the U.S. Many of them embrace differences and are open-minded when it comes to social issues. For example, Millennials are much more likely than older adults to support same-sex marriage. Also, millennials tend to be highly environmentally conscious as their top personal concern. They prioritize sustainability and support policies and efforts addressing climate change’s negative impacts. 

Millennials are brand loyal.

Millennials see brands as an extension of themselves. Quality and value drive their purchasing decisions. Brands that share their social consciousness and have well-communicated charitable missions tend to be favored by Millennials. Show Millennials how nonprofit makes an impact by sharing statistics and reports that highlight progress. And one should express loyalty and interest in their supporters to earn that loyalty back from them. Thank them for their contributions, and make an effort to get to know them through communicating with them. 

Millennials tend to be tech-savvy.

As true digital natives, this age group has been shaped by the ability to connect quickly and easily. They are heavy users of wireless devices and have become early adopters of new technology and applications. To engage them, one’s fundraising and marketing efforts must be mobile-friendly to appeal to Millennial supporters. Ensure the online donation form is streamlined and mobile-responsive to make mobile giving a breeze. In addition, make sure the emails, social media posts, and website can be viewed on mobile devices without any formatting issues.

Millennials are very digitally-connected

Millennials are heavily influenced by their peers and social networks. They seek online content and actively share what they like. They turn to social reviews more than any other age group when making shopping decisions. One should invite Millennial donors to participate in two-way conversations. Utilize social share buttons and make sure to develop meaningful content, not just promotions. Also, engage in social fundraising trends like Facebook Challenges and peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns. These initiatives allow Millennials to share the causes they’re passionate about with their family members and friends.

Millennials tend to be adventurous. 

Millennials value experiences more than physical possessions as the generation that travels the most. They crave new flavors, cuisines, and cultures. Portray action, excitement, and togetherness in the organization’s communications to Millennials. Highlight unique opportunities to volunteer and participate in special events. For instance, invite Millennial supporters to compete in an exciting peer-to-peer social media challenge. Or, encourage these supporters to participate in social volunteer opportunities that conclude with happy hour at a brewery or local restaurant. 

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