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Our 3-Step Process

Streamline the complex process of creating a unique donor wall with our professionally managed three-step process to deliver outstanding recognition.


Research & Conceptual Design

We design every custom donor wall to your highly specific needs. Our intensive creative process captures what makes you and your donors unique, enabling us to produce a donor wall that brings your vision to life. (It’s also why our clients love us.)


Design Development & Finalization

In this phase, we take your approved Conceptual Design and begin the layout process of your donor name list into the donor wall design. We finalize the materials, colors, and fabrication techniques to ensure it expresses the best of your brand and mission.


Fabrication & Implementation

In this phase, we turn design into reality, combining cutting-edge technologies with Old World precision craftsmanship to create the highest-quality materials for your donor wall. Then we ship to your installers or send our team to your site—anywhere in the US.

Talk With Our Team

Do You Want To See Your Design Concept? Book a phone call to get started. Check out our gallery to get some donor wall ideas for your project!


Please review our portfolio of custom unique donor recognition walls and plaques. One of our goals is to create a piece of art that enhances your environment while providing the recognition your donors deserve. Our team ensures the highest quality product and service. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started?

The easiest thing to do is call (248) 930-3723 or email us with the following information. This will provide us with the information we need to provide you with a design layout and quote.

What is the difference between design sevices and donor wall systems?

Design services are ideal for larger projects. We deliver a custom unique donor wall via our full turnkey process with a detailed discovery and design phase specifically focused on your organization and its needs. For more information on this process click here.

A donor wall system starts with a pre-designed template that we customize to fit your needs. This is generally a quicker, less expensive process. For more information on our systems, click here.

Unsure which is right for you? We can help determine the best path for your project. Book a 20 min consultation with us here.

How do I budget for a donor wall?

Every successful donor recognition plan starts with budget calculations. We can help you determine an appropriate budget based on your type of organization, the financial goals of the campaign and the anticipated number of prospective donors. In general, for a small campaign, you can spend as much as 5% of the campaign total. For a large campaign, you can go as low as .001% of the campaign total.

Example: $100,000 campaign at 5%= $5,000.

$100 million campaign at .001% = $100,000

Once you have established a budget, we’ll stay within it. In our experience, starting with a target budget is a critical success factor for an effective donor recognition program. You give us a price and we will work with you to get a donor wall that fits your organization’s needs and taste. If we know the target, we can design a successful program while staying within budget. We can design a custom donor wall that costs $10,000, $50,000 or $100,000. If you’re working with a smaller budget, choose from our already designed Donor Wall Systems, which start at $1,000 and save both time and money.

How long does the donor wall process take?

A fully custom project can typically take up to 6-12 months and generally depends on how responsive your team is. A donor wall system can take as little as 4 weeks but is typically 6-8 weeks.

These timelines include design, revisions, planning and fabrication. Ultimately, final timelines depend on how responsive your team is.

How easy is it to update the donor wall?

Everything we do is designed to be affordable, manageable, and easy to update. A critical key to success is fully understanding the costs and process for adding new names to a recognition program.

The challenges involved with managing hundreds or thousands of names can be daunting if an efficient process is not designed into the system at the start. The cost for updating names should be in balance with the size of the gifts received.

How involved in the design process will my organization be?

We start off with an initial consultation to determine your project needs. Before entering the design phase, we adhere to a thorough design process that starts off with an initial discovery meeting to learn about your vision and needs. With each concept, you have the opportuninty to provide full feedback–and we are available to discuss your project and feedback at any point from consultation through delivery.

Will you make design revisions?

During Phase 1 you have the opportunity to make two rounds of revisions to your design concept at no cost. Once a contract is signed, we move into Phase 2, where you will get an additional two rounds of revision at no cost.

The challenges involved with managing hundreds or thousands of names can be daunting if an efficient process is not designed into the system at the start. The cost for updating names should be in balance with the gifts.

How can I learn more?

A donor recognition plan is essential to having a successful donor program while increasing campaign awareness and stewarding major donors. Check out our donor wall brochure to learn about successful donor recognition programs and the lessons we’ve learned over the years. Planning is a crucial step to a donor program and our donor recognition experts will help you at each step along the way. We explain in detail the key aspects when making decisions throughout the process and what our company does to help you through it.

Tell Us About Your Project!

What’s your vision? How can we help make it a reality? Book a free consultation with our team to learn more about our services and how we can streamline your donor wall design.

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Looking For a Quick Solution?

Skip the design process and manage your budget with our pre-designed donor plaques.

Effective 06/10/24: Due to high demand, we are only accepting orders of 10 or more plaques. This does not include past or current clients.


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