What Are Some Of The Best Donation Incentive Ideas? 

donation incentive ideas

A fundraising incentive is a type of gift a nonprofit can give its supporters in exchange for their support. It can be a variety of physical products or special offers, and it can get used to demonstrate the organization’s commitment to its supporters. The best fundraising incentives show the nonprofit’s appreciation for their support, establish or maintain a strong relationship with its donors, and inspire individuals to give. Below are some of the best donation incentive ideas

Running Raffle 

A raffle is a great way to generate excitement and raise funds for a fundraising campaign. It can be very low-cost and used to create new and existing donors. You can also offer a variety of prizes, such as a single grand prize. Depending on the number of people participating and the amount of money you raise, you can also choose to split the rewards. There are many ways to sell tickets for a raffle. One of these is by giving away one ticket for every $50 you raise. You can also offer a high-value prize that only a certain amount of people can earn after reaching a particular donation milestone. 

Sending Monetary Incentives 

It’s also essential to send monetary incentives to people who have not given in the past or may have forgotten about your organization. These types of incentives usually focus on raising awareness and increasing the visibility of your nonprofit. Some strategies you can use include sending checks or cash along with a donation request. These can get used to sending a thank you or a gift card for the store. In addition, you can encourage supporters to give more by letting them know that their donations are tax-deductible. It can motivate them to give more and increase the money they provide. You can also mail checks or cash. 


Directly involving your supporters in your fundraising efforts can motivate them to give. They can also feel like they are contributing to a larger community. Having the power of social influence and personal accountability can additionally encourage them. A crowdfunding campaign is a type of fundraising that allows a group of people to support a project or program. One of the most popular platforms that can get used to start a crowdfunding campaign is the Donor box. This tool allows you to create a campaign in just 15 minutes. It can also send updates to your followers and donors and provide social proof for those who are contributing. 

Using Branded Merchandise 

One of the most popular fundraising incentives is the personalized gift basket. This type of gift can be challenging to customize, but it’s still an excellent way to encourage supporters to give. You can also offer various incentives to higher-level donors, such as a personalized gift basket. In-person events are also an excellent way to promote your organization. A personalized gift basket or a cash incentive can help motivate your supporters to give. It can also help them remember how important it is to support your organization.

In the end, there are plenty of options available when it comes to finding the right donation incentive solution for your organization. You can also consult with a donor recognition company to find the best solution that fit your needs.

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