5 Ways to Make Your Donors Feel Special

If there is one group of people that you should value the most, it’s those who make your campaigns and projects possible — your donors. While the companies and individuals who give to your organization often do it to support your cause that they too believe in, they would appreciate knowing that their gifts have made a significant impact in the community and on the lives of the beneficiaries.

Even without them having to ask, it should be your priority to make your donors feel special and valued. After all, it is through them that you are where you are! Showing your gratitude and treating your donors well also motivates them to continue to give and support your future ventures. 

In this article, we list five easy ways you can make your donors feel special and convey your gratitude sincerely and meaningfully. 

Make the Donation Process Easy 

Donations often involve a large sum of money, which is why various processes and procedures often come with the transaction. While it’s important that you are able to manage your donors and their respective contributions, you should also ensure that you’re not making it too hard for people to contribute to your cause. 

Donors will appreciate a smooth process of giving, without having to go through all the bells and whistles of accounting or other admin matters. Make it easy and convenient for donors to give. Remember that it’s the experience that matters, not the transaction. 

Show Your Appreciation

Donors have contributed a lot to your organization — the very least you can do is to express your gratitude and appreciation. There are various ways to do this, such as by calling them to say thanks, sending a thank you note or small token, etc. The smallest thank you can make a big difference in how confident and good your donors feel about contributing to your cause. 

When thanking your donors, however, make sure that you pay attention to their special requests. Some donors may be conservative and want their donations to remain anonymous. Others may not want to receive calls for non-urgent matters. 

Listen to what your donors want and honor them. In the age of data comprises, it’s important that you respect your donors by keeping their information secure and unsolicited. 

Don’t Neglect the Small Givers 

While it’s easy to focus on the donors that have given large gifts, be careful not to neglect those who have made small donations. These small contributions, when added up, can amount to a significant portion of your funds. No matter how small the donation is, value the donors and show your genuine gratitude to them. 

Cater to Your Donors as Individuals 

Thanking your donors and making them feel valued shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. Your donors are all different people with different personalities and preferences. Make sure that you conduct personalized and tailored efforts to show your appreciation to them individually. 

If you have a lot of donors, it can be difficult to keep track of each one of them. What you can do instead is categorize them into different subgroups. For example, when holding events, you can have a separate occasion for young professionals and another gathering for corporate givers. 

Honor Them Through Donor Recognition Walls 

The good deeds that your donors have done for your organization deserve recognition — and what better way to do that than with a donor recognition wall paraded at the center of your office or establishment? A donor recognition wall is the centerpiece of your space where you can name your donors and publicly thank them for their contributions. 

Your donor wall can have a simple list of your donors’ names or can go a step further and indicate their respective yearly or total contributions. It all depends on what your donors would prefer and what works best for your organization. 

Make Your Donors Feel Special With DonorSigns 

Showing your gratitude to your donors and making them feel special should be your organization’s top priority. Not only does this express your appreciation for their gifts, but it also makes them feel good about their contributions and motivates them to continue supporting your cause. No matter how small these efforts seem, they can make a big and lasting impact on your donors. 
Allow us to help you make your donors feel special. DonorSigns is a provider of donor solutions, including economic plaques, donor walls, and interactive donor walls. We offer custom-made solutions that will help you show your donors how much of a difference they made to your cause, to the organization, and to the beneficiaries. Take a look at our previous work and donor wall examples and see it for yourself.

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