5 Tips for Setting Donation Tiers for Your Organization 

Choosing donation levels for your organization is an excellent way of ensuring more people donate. The donation levels should be friendly to donors who like and support your organization’s dream and mission. There are many factors you need to consider, like how much you are aiming to raise and the financial power of donors. Read on to learn tips for setting donation tiers for your organization.

Research and Gather Data 

Before you set donation levels, you need to gather information about regular donors and the average gift size. You can also use donor pyramids method to help you categorize your donor base visually and set up the tiers accordingly. You should use that information to set tiers suitable for your supporters. For instance, if your organization’s average donation size is $5,000, you should have the lowest donation amount as $5,000. This ensures that most supporters will be willing and able to donate to your organization. The highest donation you can set it depending on the target donors and the highest donation you have ever received.

“Other Amount’ Option is Vital

Having several donation tiers can be helpful to ensure donors have the freedom to choose the amount they want to give. Having an “other amount” option will ensure that people who are unwilling to give what is suggested in the donation form can also contribute. This can encourage more people to donate, making your organization meet its targets sooner.

Tie Donation Levels to Specific Outcomes

Most people will donate when they know how the donation will be spent. It is advisable to tie each donation tier to specify outcomes. For instance, one tier should provide school supplies to 5 children for a month. This will encourage more people to donate to support the children. It makes more sense than just having a donation tier that doesn’t have a line explaining how the donation will be spent.

Be Reasonable and Let Your Tiers Make Sense to Donors

When setting donation tiers, you have to be reasonable and realistic. The average gift size should not be the only informing factor. You need to have a strategy to ensure your fundraising strategy works. For instance, if you target donors with deep pockets, you should set the tiers a little high, from $1,000,000 and above. In addition, ensure that the fundraising campaign is making sense to them to keep donating. On the other hand, if you target lower-level or first-time donors (learn more about different types of donors here), having a lower donation level from $500 to $1,000 can work best for you.

Choose Suitable Fundraising Software

Many third-party donation platforms can help you collect gifts and customize your donation forms. You need to choose a suitable platform with recurring giving options that allows you to manage recurring donations. In addition, choose software that is optimized for desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. This ensures that mobile users can easily donate to your organization.


Setting donation levels properly for your organization is essential. To ensure you have enough statistics to set the tiers, be sure to research. It ensures that you have set the right limits, allowing more donors to contribute. In addition, choosing the right online donation platform can help improve and streamline your fundraising campaign. Once the campaign is successfully completed, you would also want to thank and appreciate your donors for their support. These tiers or the giving levels can help deciding how you recognize the donors from each tier. From creating a donor wall to sending out thank you letters, there are various ways to show your appreciation and cultivate loyalty.

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