Modular Insert System

Our Modular Insert System is precision manufactured in Switzerland and can be used on donor walls, installed alone on any existing wall surface, and can be used to make donor plaques. 

These photos show the Modular Insert System installed directly on a wall, as part of a donor wall and as individual donor plaques. Click on a photo to see it larger

Donor names can be vinyl, silk screen or deep etched into the aluminum inserts. New inserts are easily installed in alphabetical order. The insert sizes are based on a module allowing inserts of varying sizes to be placed on a common backplate. This allows you to add more inserts of one size and subtract inserts of another size without having to change the backplate. The inserts are available in natural anodized aluminum, anodized brass, anodized dark bronze, and anodized black. The anodized colors do not fade, are very durable, and don't tarnish or show fingerprints.

Standard Insert Configurations

The illustration below shows how different size inserts can be grouped together on the same size backplate. The modularity of the system makes it easy to create a design that recognizes donors at different giving levels.  The backplates are available in different sizes. 


Insert Standard sets.jpg

Customized Insert Layouts

The possibilities are unlimited when we layout a donor wall using the insert system. When we create a new design, we consider the number of donors at each giving level and then plan for growth. The layout below shows how a donor wall might look if we combined different giving levels on one back plate.

Custom Configuration.jpg