How to Land a $500 Million Donation

While surfing the web, I came across an interesting article that I would like to share from Software Advice, Inc.

"While many nonprofits value small donations from givers, the data shows that up to 75 percent of an organization’s revenue comes from major donors, or individuals who give $1 million or more. But acquiring these types of donations can be challenging. It takes considerable time and effort, and many nonprofits still find it difficult to execute correctly.

To get expert insight on this topic, we interviewed Andrew Cope, vice president of development for the Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF). In addition to his 21 years of fundraising experience, his organization received a $500 million donation from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg last year. Based on Cope’s advice, here are five top strategies fundraisers can use to land major donations and keep their nonprofit afloat. Click here to read 5 Tips to landing a big time donor.