Capital Campaign, Step by Step

A capital campaign when a nonprofit organization wants to raise a substantial amount of money for a specific purpose within a certain time period. The campaign could be for many reasons; building a new facility, expanding programs, or bringing in new technology, all with the purpose to help the community. 

If this sounds demanding, you're right. There are a lot of variables involved when planning a capital campaign that can become overwhelming. At we work with clients on a daily basis who are in the process of, or have just finished their capital campaign. We've found an article from

Capital Campaign Masters (, who has done an excellent job describing a step-by-step solution for your campaign. 

Every successful capital campaign has several phases with specific strategies for each one. If you go step-by-step through the correct sequence of each phase, you’ll set up your campaign so it’s most likely to reach (and even surpass) the goal.
— Andrea Kihlstedt, Capital Campaign Masters

Capital Campaign Donor Wall

This is a typical capital campaign donor wall. They tend to be more creative and cost less because they don't have to be updated. We offer free design services to help you get started with your project.