2 Simple Ways to Reduce Long Term Maintenance Cost on your Donor Wall

The ability to clean a donor wall is critical and often over looked. Often times, people focus solely on the design without planning for future upkeep. The design can be aesthetically pleasing yet difficult  and costly to maintain and update which puts a huge strain on the budget. When planning a donor wall make sure you discuss maintenance issues such as, cleaning and updating.  This can reduce a lot of stress and costs in the future and ensure that your design is beautiful and efficient for years to come. 

One of our clients inherited a donor wall that cost about $35,000 to clean. The structure is visible but unreachable and is coated with dust. This wall was also designed in a way that made it very costly to up date. Therefore the client hadn’t up dated it in years, and it has to be cleaned before it can be up dated. This wall, which cost $350,000 just a few years ago has been abandoned. 

Before you agree to the final design of your new donor wall ask 2 simple questions:

  1. How accessible is it for cleaning?
  2. How easy is it to update for future donors?

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