Four Ways to Successfully Seek a Donor

While doing my own research, I came across useful information that I would like to share from, 'Foundation Center'. They review some of  the most successful ways to find individual donors to contribute to your foundation. It's no surprise that old fashion networking in the comunity is the best way. But, the article highlights four ways to learn about potential donors from your own office:

  1. Search local media for stories about people who are active in civic affairs and charitable causes.
  2. Network with your prospects acquaintances, this can lead to an introduction.
  3. Prospect research Websites link to multiple online resources to learn about a person's giving potential and interest.
  4. Research using Foundations Center's Funding Information Network

Once you find the 'perfect donor', the first step in approaching them is to find detailed information about them; this site provides prospect worksheets to help you gather that information.

Please read the full article to take advantage of all their resources, including a Podcast on "Getting Started with Individual Donors".