Pacific Surf Donor Wall

Surf Wide-2.jpg

Pacific Surf presents a fresh contemporary look at an affordable cost. Donor names are printed on  a film trapped between a clear cover and a metallic background, making it easy and inexpensive to update. Pacific Surf plaques are a perfect companion with our Pacific Surf Donor Wall. 

The back panel is 30" x 48" and 3/8" thick tinted acrylic with a 3-dimensional wave pattern. The graphics Panel can be on the left or right. A single panel can hold up to 350 names at 24 point letter height. Order multiple panels to create a full donor wall. Click here for a Tall and Medium size version. 

Price: $2,300 per panel (Price includes layout, proofs, and fabrication.)

Quantity Discount: 10% discount on four to six panels. 15% discount on seven or more panels.

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