Cambridge Changeable Donor Wall

Cambridge Donor Wall.jpg

Update Easily -  Finely detailed aged darkened oak in a traditional gothic architectural design. This donor wall solution is perfect in a traditional institution like a church, private school, or university.

We use a modular insert system so donor names can be easily updated. They are printed on anodized brass inserts that slide onto permanently mounted backplates. There are five different sized inserts for different giving levels. Each individual wall comes with six banks of inserts and your logo customized to fit the design and/or individual letters for the campaign name or tag line. Our designers can show you how everything fits together in a cohesive design.

Click here to learn more about our modular insert system. 

Price: $5,840 per unit (two units shown above)

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Quantity Discount: 10% discount on four to six panels. 15% discount on seven or more panels.